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An endeavour to make fragrance that is the essence of sophisticated strength.

Too often the power of scent is ignored. It can play the greatest role in the creation of one's character, promoting a wearer to embody a desired nature. 

People from all over the world must revoke the constraints put on their ambitions and become aware of utilising the effect fragrance can have on their presentation and aura. 

We strive to bring fictional and non-fictional characters and concepts to the forefront of our fragrance creations. Those that embody our values and represent the ambitious. 

Protagonist X is the creation of scent for the creation of character. Think- a catalyst for a theatrical presence.  



A commonly forgotten course of action, of setting out on a venture, to find and conquer unforeseen lands. A regular performance by our ancestors- such action is critical for growth and should be incorporated into the world today. The conquest of Protagonist X is to reach and inspire a global audience. 


Assume a duty and make it yours. Become great within such a field. The duty that will be continually upheld at Protagonist X is the creation of the highest quality fragrance designs, with the most prestigious ingredients, all in alignment with our ambitious audience.    


The appearance of sophistication and style should always be conveyed. Essentially, the presence of art in the physical realm. Quality should never be compromised for quantity and no course of action is true when carried on gracelessly. Time and care is strictly put into the design of our fragrances to embody elegance. 


Being able to adapt to an ever changing environment cannot be undermined. Reach competence in an array of pursuits and your character will reach unforeseen depth. Our fragrance formulations are created accordingly, to prosper and be worn in many environments. 



Protagonist X emerged during a time of global chaos, arising from a pandemic, in 2021.

Originating out of the experience of fragrance connoisseurs and visionaries, Luke Cesareo & Oliver Gotti and further implemented in collaboration with the finest French perfumers, Protagonist X was brought to life. 

The brand encompasses the historically recognised craftsmanship of French perfumery, merged with a Westernised culture and perspective. As a result, the products are a unique congregation of culture and artisanship.

Production takes place in the perfumery capital of the world- in Grasse, France.

It is compelling to realise a rich history is henceforth in the making.  


The Dragon outline is a unique component of Protagonist X. 

The Dragon has been recognised in myths and folktales in many different cultures over history. Some speak of its evils, others of its wisdom and fortune.

Regardless of its accepted nature, the dragon can be seen as a universal symbol of power. 

A creature that stimulates the mind to think beyond the confinement's of one's current world. 

An emblem of sophisticated strength.